Connecting the past to the present.

Project Proposal for REAKTOR Vienna April 2019.

Unify is an art installation which informs people of the history of the space and allows people to transform their view and become connected to their surroundings through interaction. It is a site-specific installation reflecting on how the space of Reaktor in Vienna has been used throughout history and the way that it is being used now. Historically it has been used as a radio factory and to highlight this aspect, the artist uses radio receivers and radio waves (sound waves) of people in the space and project them in the form of the reflection of the chandeliers and other mesmerizing patterns formed by sine waves in the form of a circle.

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This installation uses 4 Projectors exactly under the chandeliers which will be mapped on the ground. there are 2 Radio receivers for 2 chandeliers located in the center of the main hall. When people speak in the receivers connected with microphones, the sound will be translated to create sine waves which will be projected on the floor according to their frequency. Louder sound will tend to overlap and create mesmerizing patterns on the floor. Thus two people on opposite sides will be able to connect with each other and at the same time understand the importance of this space and its relation in time.

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