Tired of visual fireworks that mean nothing, me too ! Let’s work together. I am a media artist bringing you everyday ephemeral unobserved instances to play with. I observe my surroundings with intrigue and translate my findings in my projects and installations. I believe that sound and light can provide an immersive experience and are easily manipulable and I prostitute them for my benefit. I do not fear easily from big projects which is evident in my installation “Perceiving Light” that involved perseverance and detailed planning to be constructed at a height of 12.8 meters. My mission is to create a world of artistic frenzy where everything can have interchangeable meaning and to produce works that stimulate Dionysian ecstasy. If you are looking for a sculptor, media artist, graphic designer, concept artist or a visual artist in a small package, feel free to contact me. I love to delve myself in projects that require interaction ever so slightly and brings the viewer to the present moment and observe his surroundings a bit more critically.

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“The contrast of surfaces, interplay with light, infusion of time based devices turn her work into intimate and personal item, yet everyone can identify with them, since these allude to various objects and ideas.”

“During her period of work, she has demonstrated her natural ability in the area of image making and using space in a creative manner.”