Let's Play!

Sandboxing imbues the over-seriousness of the desert of the real which is our contemporary society with a humorous disposition for production of myriad possibilities.

The installation is inspired by the mysterious Singing or Booming sand phenomenon that occurs in about 35 desert locations around the world. Movement and displacement of sand in these desert locations produce booming sounds due to the movement of concurrent sand layers and various other factors. Sandboxing uses the phenomenon of movement and play in sand to produce embarrassing and beatboxing sounds. This installation involves playing in sand, the basic of human and animal acts. The lifeless Desert, which symbolizes the negative of Earth’s surface, place where no hope exists, a place of continual struggle no hope exists, a place of continual struggle and abyss, is contrasted with the Booming Sands, a sign of life. Play breaks down the determinism of the cosmos, the repetitiveness of actions and reactions and provides an interlude to our lives. This installations involves uncertainty via an atypical instrument. One can produce music using the unusual interface of sand without much effort and multiple combinations are possible when more people come together and play.

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